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About Us

Furniture LTD was founded in year of 2000, with main activity in producing wood veneered boards. The company has been active in the market for more than a decade, winning the trust of clients and partners with it's professionalism and responsibility.

In 2007 the company purchases new equipment from "KUPER", Germany, which includes:

  • JOSTING Double knife length cutting veneer guillotine, model: ZFS 2800;
  • two glue splicing machines "FL/INOVATION" for a much better veneer splicing without further evidence of bonding.



As a result of the rapid development, in 2012 the company invested entirely in the purchase of new equipment. A new line for veneering and sanding was bought from the SCM Group, and also the following machines from the German manufacturer KUPER:

  • ACR Speedstar 3200 - a machine for butt splicing of large wood panels;
  • CRC 1200 - a machine for butt splicing of smaller wood panels;
  • KLM 470 - a machine coating the butt spliced veneer links.

"Furniture" Ltd. has a production capacity of 1800 sq.m. to 2200 sq.m. veneered panels per day.

Suppliers of natural veneer for "Furniture" LTD are companies like:

„KRONOSPAN", "ALFA WOOD" and „BALKANTRADE" LTD supply the company with wooden panels.

The focus of "Furniture" LTD aims at satisfying the most specific needs of their clients.
The company's main goal is to increase its market share of panels with a maximum size of 280/210 cm, and an export orientation of the production.

Quality, reasonable prices and strict adherence to the ordered deadlines are FURNITURE's main priorities.

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